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ProGlove MARK 2

ProGlove MARK 2

Hands-free 2D scanning for logistics

  • Wearable barcode scanner worn on the back of the hand or attached to the workwear
  • Wireless connection via Bluetooth Low Energy or radio
  • Triple transmission feedback (acoustic, optical, haptic)
  • Battery life for up to 10,000 scans
  • Light, weighing only 40 grams
Reliable, convenient and quick scanning of 1D and 2D barcodes while having both hands free – sounds like a dream of the future, but is a reality. With the MARK 2 barcode scanner as a back of the hand model, ProGlove offers the ideal partner for more freedom of movement in diverse logistics workspaces, so processes are accelerated and everyone achieves more productivity. Depending on the model, it detects barcodes at a distance of 10 to 80 cm (standard range) or 30 to 150 cm (mid-range). This means significantly reduced walking distances for workers. Both versions offer practical triple feedback after each successful scan, consisting of an acoustic, an optical and a haptic signal, which makes order picking faster, easier but also safer.
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