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ProGlove MARK Basic

ProGlove MARK Basic

Entry-level model for hands-free scanning

  • Mid-range or standard range barcode scanner
  • Triple feedback: acoustic, visual, haptic
  • Battery life for up to 5,000 scans
  • Wireless transmission (Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • Impact-resistant from up to 2 meters
The entry-level barcode scanner MARK Basic from ProGlove frees up work in all areas of production and logistics considerably by hands-free scanning. As a model for the back of the hand, it attaches to various gloves provided for this purpose, and thus provides significantly more freedom of movement. It captures all common 1D and 2D barcodes quickly at a distance of either 10 cm up to 80 cm (standard range) or 30 cm up to 150 cm (mid-range). Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) ensures a reliable wireless transmission rate. The barcode scanner also confirms successful scans via practical triple feedback: acoustically, optically and haptically, so no matter how noisy the work environment is, there is never any doubt. Plus, real-time feedback helps optimise hand movements, which in turn enhances productivity.
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